Our Staff

Donald Landerschier                    Owner                                 248-293-8708

Donald Landerschier Jr                Owner/Dispatch                  248-293-8709

David Landerschier                      Owner/Heat Department     248-293-8716

Scott Landerschier                       Owner/Sales                       248-293-8715

Steve Miller                                   Sales                                  248-293-8723

Tony Demasellis                           Sales                                  248-293-8718

Ken Matzoll                                   Sales                                  248-293-8725

Glenn Willett                                 Sales                                  248-293-8724

Chris Kreger                                 Accounting                         248-293-8713


Hartsig Supply Company is a family owned and operated business that first opened its doors in 1963. Hartsig Supply started out as a small plumbing and well supply in Rochester Michigan. Today Hartsig Supply is still growing. We opened our new building in Auburn Hills in 2000. Now, with the continuous growth of our area, Hartsig has become a plumbing, water well, heating, and water filtration supply as well. We base our business on customer satisfaction. We strive to help anyone out with any problem we can. We look forward to helping you soon!

Company Profile